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The Bible says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony (Revelation 12:11).


Countless numbers of people have been impacted by the powerful, provoking and life-changing ministry here at Zoe Christian Fellowship. Below, you can read and see some testimonies of people who have shared how this ministry has helped usher change, growth and purpose into their lives.


If your life has been touched in a special way as a result of this ministry, we want to know about it!  Please click here to send us an e-mail.




“I Have Been Re-Energized”


Dear Pastor Ed,
The message for me was a public declaration, confirmation, and an answer to issues I’ve been talking over with God for quite some time regarding the talents He has gifted to me, my personal PATH and purpose in life, all in conjunction with my role in my local church. I now know spirit, soul, and body that I’m certainly on the right track. I’m so excited, but I also know there’s a lot of work ahead. I’ve never been timid to work hard and especially now that I see God’s vision for my life coming into view. I have been re-energized. I’m also truly grateful to God for putting me in the midst of the Zoe Christian Fellowship ministries and for allowing me to serve Zoe under your leadership. You are truly a budding “Category 5” leader. Being in your company, doing the work of the ministry is enormously meaningful to me. We are truly going from Good to Great!! And God is allowing ‘me’ to be a part of it, a co-partner with His work on earth through ZCF. – D.M.



“My Marriage is Daily Increasing and I WON’T SETTLE “


Dear Pastor Ed,
I give God all the glory.  Praise God for you Pastor and First lady. Because of your teaching I can say my marriage has increased 100 times over. Pastor as you taught on August 14, 2005 Vol.2 Pt. 1 The Purpose and Power Meditating on God’s Word , you stated “do not tolerate the enemy” – immediately I thought of my marriage. On September 11, 2005 The Purpose and Power of Meditating on God’s Word Vol.2 Pt. 4 you stated “stop  settling”. On this Sunday December 04, 2006 your thought for the month of December “stop settling” so as I meditate on God’s word I don’t settle I believe the word and confess the word and I know it works. On January 20, 2005, which is the last day of the Purpose Conference, my husband and I will celebrate 38 years in marriage.


We will be leaving after the Conference to celebrate how God has been good and what He has brought us through. Pastor and First lady, I have a wonderful husband and I can truly say he is a good man, a Godly man, good father. My husband loves God and he endeavors to do what God has placed upon his heart to do which is Missions. There are many things that make a good marriage and I can truly say for me I had to pray for God to reveal me to me. I realized that I was 80% in the way or at fault. Because of G-12, because of the Word, because of my sisters in Christ, because of the excellent marriages at Zoe, my thinking has changed. My marriage is daily increasing and “I WON’T SETTLE”. – L.B.