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Zoe Whittier is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by mobilizing our church to provide support for emergency workers and families in our fellowship who are struggling with food and essentials insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic.


“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” – Galatians 6:10 ESV


Zoe is partnering with Nehemiah ProjectLA and CarePortal to build a strong response team at the church to serve our Zoe community, so we can effectively respond to needs. By utilizing technology we can work smarter, and help more kids and families in immediate need in our church, and greater community.



Click the link below to sign up and become a Zoe Responder, to pray and/or help meet the needs presented within our Zoe church community.




You will now be part of our Church Response Team to help meet needs in the Zoe Community! Eventually we will be meeting needs of transitional age youth (TAYs) and vulnerable kids and families in our city, but we will start with meeting the needs of people in our own congregation. As a Zoe Responder, you are not obligated to respond to all the needs you are presented with. Your role is to first become aware of the need through an email, and then pray and decide how you might respond to the need. For some needs, you will decide not to respond at all, and just pray. Other needs, you may decide to rally your responder community to help meet the entire need, or only help meet a portion of the need. If everyone does a little we will have great impact!



CarePortal’s history has proven their effectiveness in helping local churches meet needs of families since 2015 in 22 states, serving 60,000 children with an economic impact of over $20 million. To learn more about CarePortal, please watch this video below.




CarePortal connects churches to the needs of vulnerable kids and families, so the Church can be the hero, and God can get glory. CarePortal’s goal is to provide support for children and families in crisis, by connecting them to help from local churches, to return the Church to the forefront of child welfare. By partnering with CarePortal we can strengthen families, and keep former foster youth, from becoming homeless, incarcerated, and trafficked, by providing the support system they desperately need.

Nehemiah ProjectLA is the primary urban initiative for the Zoe Association of churches, nonprofits and businesses. Nehemiah’s focus is on serving foster youth who have aged out of foster care. CarePortal will be a tool Nehemiah ProjectLA will use to locate tangible needs, support, and temporary housing for TAYs in the greater Los Angeles area.

Due to COVID-19 we are anticipating a huge influx of needs in the coming months, and both Nehemiah and CarePortal have decided to help churches within their combined collaborative network, to be a leader in responding to the needs in the community.

Zoe Whittier has decided to do what we’ve done over our 30 year history, that is respond to the needs of our church members and our broader community. Since this is a new initiative, we will FIRST be addressing the needs of the first responders and people in need within the Zoe Whittier church community. After we have a good handle on serving the church family needs, we will broaden our reach to help others outside of Zoe.




Thank you for helping others in crisis,

Bishop Ed & Dr. Joshua Smith