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Bible Survey

Don’t miss this opportunity to either learn an incredible Bible overview or refresh your knowledge of the Bible with this amazing course taking place on Wednesday evenings.


This course is open to anyone who would like to be a part. Feel free to register at any time!



The Training for Service Student Guide is required to effectively complete the 26 Bible Survey sessions.

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The Bible Survey is divided into 5 units that provide a better understanding of the Bible and its message:

  • The Bible – its origins, translations, divisions, and contents
  • Old Testament Geography and History – the people, places, and events found in the first 39 books of the Bible
  • Old Testament Institutions – the elements of Jewish worship designed to point to the coming fulfillment of God’s plan in Jesus
  • The Christ – the account of the ultimate revelation: God in the flesh
  • The Church – the mission given to the first followers of Jesus, which we are called to continue until our Savior returns


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