Level 1

New Members’ Class – Level 1

When: Sundays

Time: 9:45am – 10:30am


The New Members’ Class provides basic foundational teachings from the Bible to provide an overview of our ministry, our Core Values (what we believe, preach, and adhere to at Zoe Christian Fellowship), and how you can get involved and serve in various areas of our church. 


To attend, please sign up to go to an upcoming Discover gathering.

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Level 2

Spiritual Growth – Level 2

Level 2 courses are grouped into various categories based on interest. These courses cover a range of topics designed for the believer to go deeper into biblical truths, discover life purpose, help to identify and remove obstacles to fulfilling purpose, and practical application of the Word to everyday life. Classes currently offered include:


Parenting Classes- “Nurturing God’s Way”

When: Beginning Sunday, June 30, 2019

Time: 8am – 10am


“Nurturing God’s Way” is a biblically-based psycho-educational parenting program held over the course of 21 weeks. It is taught by a team of trained teachers committed to successful parenting headed up by Mr. Seyto and Dr. Christina James, the parents of three Zoe children who serve in our children’s ministry. The James’ have completed the week-long, 21 module Christian Parenting Training Course in Atlanta conducted by Nurturing Resources, Inc. Seyto and Christina are active school teachers and professional school psychologists, respectively.


These classes will help parents to: 1) Develop Godly Character in Children 2) Help Manage Your Child’s Behavior 3) Turn Chaos into Confidence 4) Learn the 7 Principles to Nurturing God’s Way and much, much more…


Children’s Ministry is provided for ages 2 -12.




The Encounter

Women: September 2019

Do you want to know God in a more intimate way? Are you ready to break free of any distractions that could be hindering the release of God’s full potential in your life? Do you want to walk in maximum freedom and power? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Encounter is for you.


On this empowering weekend getaway, you will:
• Enjoy a “mountain top” experience with God
• Bond with brothers and sisters in Christ
• Encounter Jesus like never before
• Return empowered and emboldened to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.


Level 3

Growing in Leadership – Level 3

Coming Soon! We are excited about our new partnership with Vanguard University and the Zoe Association to offer Leadership Development Classes to those looking to grow in their ability to lead others in ministry and in the market place. The courses range from gaining an understanding of basic leadership values, developing practical leadership skills and preparing you to bring out the leader in others. Level 3 builds from one series of classes to the next based upon where you sense your call to lead. Growing in Leadership is divided into two tracks: Church Leadership (for those looking to grow in leadership as an elder, deacon, or ministry leader) and Vocational Ministry (for those desiring to pursue ministerial certification, license or ordination).



Bishop Ed Smith Leadership Development Series

Saturday, March 18, 2017

“Being the Leader You’re Born to Be” Notes



Growing in Leadership -Track 1

Church Leadership:  Track 1 is targeted for those desiring to lead in church. Whether your call is to be lead within a life group or a ministry department, or become a deacon or elder. Track 1 will help you to become effective in helping to care for and serve God’s people within the organization and structure of the church.

Personal Leadership

  • Spiritual Devotions
  • Stewardship
  • Life of Prayer

Team Leadership

  • Team Building
  • Team Training
  • Team Care & Shepherding

Ministry Management

  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Time Management

Lifestyle & Character

  • Why Be an Example
  • Above Reproach
  • Sexual Purity
  • Boundaries
  • Gods’ View on Money


Growing in Leadership -Track 2

Vocational Ministry: In Development

Pre-requisites: Track 1