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What is a Life Group?

The Life Group ministry exists in obedience to Matthew 28:18-20; where Jesus commanded the church to make disciples of all men.


A life group is a place where you can connect with others, grow to be more like Christ, and impact your community with the Gospel. They are small groups of believers and seekers who meet weekly for the purpose of discipleship, support and accountability. Bonds are formed and relationships are built. It is a place where together, like minded believers can celebrate life’ s successes, be supported in life’s challenges, and encouraged in God’s plan for your life. Life Groups meet in informal and friendly settings, such as the church, the home, the school, the office and the community. Typically, the groups are separated into men, women and youth to allow members to speak and share freely with one another. There are also Life Groups for Young Adults and married couples as well.


Groups are led by Life Group Coaches, men and women of character who have undergone training to be a coach. We believe that every believer has a leader within . We help develop you to lead others in your family, neighborhood, at your workplace and encourage them to do likewise. Life Groups meet on different days during the week at different locations throughout the region at different times to accommodate your schedule. There is a Life Group that is right for you.


What Does A Life Group Offer? Life Groups can…

 Cause Life Change

 Offer Support

 Enhance Bible Teaching

 Strengthen Relationships

 Provide Scripture Insight

 Release Life Purpose

 Teach Life Application

 Provide Vision

 Provide Life Care

 Illuminate Your Destiny

 Encourage Fellowship

 Provide Service Opportunities

 Provide Accountability

 Clarify Your Mission

 Foster Friendships

 Provide Fulfillment 


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Life Group Lessons


January 2018 The Power of God’s Word
February 2018 The Holy Spirit Our Guide
March 2018 Why Pray in Tongues?
April 2018 Children Who Follow God
May 2018 Following the Heavenly Vision
July 2018 Our Authority in Christ
August 2018 Ministry of Angels
September 2018 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
October 2018 Fruitfulness
November 2018 Stewardship
 January 2017 Building a Foundation on God’s Word
 February 2017 Biblical Patterns and Laws
 March 2017 Authority Over the Enemy
 April 2017 How Prayer Works and Why
 May 2017 The Guidance of the Holy Spirit

 June 2017

The Holy Spirit My Intercessor
 July 2017 God’s Promise for Healing
 August 2017 Insights into the Life of Faith
 September 2017 Your Identity in Christ 
 October 2017 When Faith Agrees With God 
 November 2017 Becoming a Purposeful Giver 
 December 2017 The Abundant Life in Christ