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Opportunities to get involved in Ministry Service are available at Zoe Christian Fellowship. The ministries that we have available are designed to help meet the needs people experience at different stages of life.


Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free. Ephesians 6:7-8



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• Administration

• Audio

• Bookstore

• Children’s Church

• Choir/Praise Team/Band

• Dance

• Facilities

• Hostess

• Media

• Missions

• Nursery/Preschool

• Parking Lot

• Usher

• Youth


Nursery/Preschool Ministry – Zoe Little Kidz

The Zoe Little Kidz Ministry for pre-school and kindergarten-aged children helps develop a child’s spiritual, emotional, and academic character – all in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment. Care is provided for babies 8 weeks and up.


Volunteers are welcome and needed as Lead Teachers to supervise Sunday ministry operations and classroom set-up; Teachers to teach devotion, memory verses, and lesson plans; Teacher Assistants to provide support to teachers by monitoring children during lessons and play time and prepare snacks; Setup Workers to prepare classrooms for Sunday ministry; and Nursery Workers to provide care and nurturing to infants within a comforting and loving environment.



Children’s Ministry – Zoe Kidz

At Zoe Kidz Ministry, elementary school-aged children are developed into spiritual champions, as they experience life change in Christ through prayer, worship, bible teaching and fellowship with other children.


Volunteers are always welcome and needed in the following positions: Teachers – to teach devotion, memory verses, and lesson plans; Teacher Assistants – to provide support to teachers by monitoring children during lessons and play time and prepare snacks; Praise & Worship Leaders – to coordinate songs and assist children in leading and participating in praise and worship during Sunday ministry service; Administrative Support – to provide data entry support by tracking all children who participate in the ministry.



Synergy – Junior High School Ministry 

The Bridge Ministry plays an important part in developing “tweens” as they travel across the “bridge” from the nurturing safety and protection of childhood to the freedom and responsibility of young adulthood.


Volunteer opportunities include: Teacher/Small Group Leader to lead small disciple groups in discussion of the lessons; Praise & Worship Leader to coordinate songs and assist students in leading and participating in Sunday morning service; Activities Coordinator to work with the ministry directors to plan ministry outreaches and fellowship activities, act as a liaison with community organizations, attend and chaperone events.



Synergy – High School Ministry 

The GI ministry exists to win, consolidate, disciple and send youth and young adults into all areas of life! We offer monthly events, counseling, teaching, training and healing for our community.


Adults, young adults and youth are welcome and needed to volunteer in as Small Group Leaders, Greeters, Communication Team Members, Offering Leaders, Usher Coordinators, Snack Providers and Carpool Drivers.



Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry at Zoe provides a variety of critical supportive services to ensure that each Sunday service operates smoothly and in excellence. It is the desire of the Usher Ministry to exemplify Christ’s love through acts of service. Ushers welcome and greet visitors and members before and during Sunday services. They provide assistance during worship and altar calls, collect the offering, and serve communion on first Sundays. Ushers represent Zoe through their professional and courteous service to all who enter the church campus.



Hostess Ministry

The Hostess Ministry at Zoe provides a warm welcome and caring support to all visitors and members of the church. The Hostess Ministry desires to exemplify Christ’s love through acts of service. Hostesses greet visitors and members before and during Sunday service. They assist ushers with serving communion on first Sundays. Hostess Ministry volunteers represent Zoe through their warm, professional and courteous service to all who enter the church campus.




The Zoe Christian Fellowship bookstore provides a variety of books, teachings, music, and resources to increase one’s spiritual understanding, growth and development. The Bookstore sells DVDs, CDs after Sunday services. Bookstore volunteers serve in excellence as cashiers, clerks and duplicators. They also assist special guest speakers with selling their books and/or teaching materials.



Parking Lot Ministry

The Parking Lot Ministry is responsible for ensuring that visitors and members successfully locate parking in the Zoe parking lot, and safely cross the street when arriving to the church campus from street parking. They also monitor local neighborhoods to ensure that cars are parked correctly, and monitor vehicles to prevent theft and/or other loss. Members of the Parking Lot Ministry have the very important task of serving as the first point of contact with Zoe guests and members.



Personal Ministry

The Personal Ministry team ministers to those who respond to the altar invitation, providing one-on-one support and guidance to those who desire to change their lives for God’s purpose.


Life Groups

Connection, Community, Support, Growth

What is a Life Group?

The Life Group ministry exists in obedience to Matthew 28:18-20; where Jesus commanded the church to make disciples of all men.


A life group is a place where you can connect with others, grow to be more like Christ, and impact your community with the Gospel. They are small groups of believers and seekers who meet weekly for the purpose of discipleship, support and accountability. Bonds are formed and relationships are built. It is a place where together, like minded believers can celebrate life' s successes, be supported in life's challenges, and encouraged in God's plan for your life. Life Groups meet in informal and friendly settings, such as the church, the home, the school, the office and the community. Typically, the groups are separated into men, women and youth to allow members to speak and share freely with one another. There are also Life Groups for Young Adults and married couples as well.


Groups are led by Life Group Coaches, men and women of character who have undergone training to be a coach. We believe that every believer has a leader within . We help develop you to lead others in your family, neighborhood, at your workplace and encourage them to do likewise. Life Groups meet on different days during the week at different locations throughout the region at different times to accommodate your schedule. There is a Life Group that is right for you.


What Does A Life Group Offer? Life Groups can...

 Cause Life Change

 Offer Support

 Enhance Bible Teaching

 Strengthen Relationships

 Provide Scripture Insight

 Release Life Purpose

 Teach Life Application

 Provide Vision

 Provide Life Care

 Illuminate Your Destiny

 Encourage Fellowship

 Provide Service Opportunities

 Provide Accountability

 Clarify Your Mission

 Foster Friendships

 Provide Fulfillment 


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Life Group Lessons


January 2020 The Power in the Scriptures
February 2020 The Power of Faith
March 2020  The Power of Speaking God's Word
May 2020 Continuing in Faith
June 2020 It's More Blessed to Give
July 2020  You Are the Light of the World
August 2020  When the Spirit of Truth Has Come
September 2020  Be Not Afraid, Only Believe
October 2020  But One Thing Is Needful
November 2020  The Fields Are Ripe for the Harvest
January 2019 Times of Refreshing
February 2019  Discipleship & Spiritual Parenting
March 2019  Your Work Matters to God
April 2019  John 8:31-32
May 2019  Why Think Like God
July 2019 Building Your Abundant Life
August 2019  The Holy Spirit - Our Superpower
September 2019 Authority Given to Us by Jesus
October 2019 "Run to Win" Study Guide
November 2019  The Fruit of the Spirit
January 2018 The Power of God's Word
February 2018 The Holy Spirit Our Guide
March 2018 Why Pray in Tongues?
April 2018 Children Who Follow God
May 2018 Following the Heavenly Vision
July 2018 Our Authority in Christ
August 2018 Ministry of Angels
September 2018 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
October 2018 Fruitfulness
November 2018 Stewardship






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