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Video Story Guidelines

Most Importantly…

        • Be honest and be yourself! We want to get to know you and hear your story.
        • Make sure you say your name, so we know who is sharing their story.
        • Need help getting started? take a look at our story prompts for some suggestions.

How to Shoot Your Own Video

        • If you are shooting with a mobile phone, please turn it sideways and shoot your video horizontally (landscape).
        • Your video does not have to be very polished or fancy. It is only important that we can see and hear you as clearly as possible.

Length of Video

        • Please keep the video to under 5 minutes.

Video Tips

        1. Be sure to shoot your video in a well-lit area.
        2. Whether shooting outdoors or indoors, make sure the light source is pointing towards your face, not coming from behind you, as this will cause silhouetting and we won’t be able to see your face.
        3. Avoid shooting your video in an area where there is background noise. Turn off the TV, turn off any background music, put the dog away. If you are shooting outside, avoid shooting on a windy day or in a loud area.
        4. Please do not edit your movie with music, transitions, or effects.
        5. Make sure you save a copy of your video.

Acceptable Formats

Anything your mobile phone saves will be fine. Specifically, we can accept mov, mp4, wmv, m4v files.




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