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Zoe Kidz is our Children’s Ministry at Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier. We are committed to reaching children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and exciting way! Our ministry program is geared to grow and develop students, spiritually, academically, physically and socially. We do this by providing kid-friendly bible lessons, activities, games and music. We provide infant care for children eight weeks and older and offer child ministry ranging from pre-school to grade 6. We also provide care for special needs for toddlers to grade 6, with mild to moderate special educational needs that include learning disabilities, communication disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders (such as ADHD and ADD). We have professionals who are experienced serving children with special needs as part of their daily vocations. Zoe Kidz happens every Sunday during our 10:30 am service and 1st Thursdays during Virtual Bible Study at 6:30 pm.




Our Zoe Kidz In-Person Service is Back!

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Zoe Kidz Live Stream

9 am Online




Zoe Kidz Sunday Service

10:30 am In-Person



Virtual Bible Study

6:30 pm Online

1st Thursday of the Month





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During this half-hour streaming service, we introduce the kids to exciting Bible stories and valuable life lessons!





In addition to our Sunday morning services, Zoe Kidz has a Virtual Bible Study during the week. We invite you to our Virtual Bible Study taking place every 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. We will get together to play games, discuss the lesson for the month, and catch up with one another. Hope to see you there!

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In addition to our Sunday streaming service, we also have resources available at any time for you to review with your child. We have something for every age group! 




Preschool - K

Preschool – K


September 2021


(Week 1) – October 3, 2021


Parent Guide

(Week 2) – October 10, 2021


Parent Guide

(Week 3) – October 17, 2021


Parent Guide




1st - 6th Grade

1st – 6th Grade


September 2021


Individuality (Week 1) – October 3, 2021

“You Were Made in God’s Image”

Activity #1

Activity #2

Parent Guide

Individuality (Week 2) – October 10, 2021

“Knowing Jesus Changes How You See Yourself”

Activity #1

Activity #2

Parent Guide

Individuality (Week 3) – October 17, 2021

“Use Your Gifts to Help Others”

Activity #1

Activity #2

Parent Guide



Parent Workshops

“Talking to Your Kids About Sex & Sexuality”


Are you fearing that moment when you need to sit down with your child for “the talk”? Particularly, in light of the provocative times in which we live today, we need to be ready.


This Virtual Workshop provides parents and caregivers with information and tips on how to discuss sex & sexuality with their children.

  • What are age-appropriate conversations?
  • How do we put into context what our children may encounter on TV or what their friends may be talking about?
  • How do we develop & maintain open lines of communication with our children so that we become the primary source of wisdom in the area of sex?



“Helping Your Children Thrive During the Pandemic”


Learn about resources and tips from Dr. Christina James on children’s mental health, Dr. Valencia Mayfield on helping children thrive in their academics, and Dr. Joshua on encouragement for parents and caregivers.


Supporting Children’s Mental Health During the COVID-19 Era

Practical Tips to Help Your Child Thrive



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